February 2019 Gigs

Good afternoon!!!! 

Yeah, yeah, I know I completely skipped January’s email. I honestly was so swamped that I completely blanked!!! I didn’t know how much time went into planning a wedding…I get why people hire planners now! Plus, it’s not like I’m trying to record an album or anything. Anyway, I’m trying to get back on track now, so pray for me!!!! 

Speaking of the album, if everything goes as planned, we will be finishing up recording the first EP this month! I’m super excited about these songs, so I can’t wait to get them out in the world. This first round will go online only, so you’ll be able to download them on your usual sites that you enjoy. I’m planning on releasing one more EP and then the full length album, which will be available in CD form. I’ve had to push back the release date of the album due to the wedding. But I’m trying to get it released as soon as I can! 

On top of everything else I have going on, it has become evident that I need to form a band that is willing to travel. I’m super excited for the opportunity to create something fresh and new. I can’t wait to hear my newer originals come to life with a full band. I’ve already put feelers out and have received an overwhelming response from fellow musicians. I’m currently searching through videos to try and weed down the pack. But I’m still looking for the perfect fit!! If you or someone you know would be interested, please email me at angelrhodes47714@gmail.com. I’m looking for someone that has their own gear and transportation. They also need to be professional, dependable, and self motivated. I’ll also be trying to find some freelance musicians in case any of the core members don’t work out or can’t attend a gig. So even if you don’t make the cut, doesn’t mean I won’t call you back at a later date! 

I recently got to jam out on WEHT Local Lifestyles with Ange Humphrey a few weeks ago. I wrote a song for my fiance and it’s called “Tinder Love”! It’s a cute love song, so check it out at https://www.tristatehomepage.com/news/lifestyles/weht-local-lifestyles-musician-angel-rhodes-performs/1709878398

Today I get to gig with my buddy Danny at Showplace FEC & Burgh House in Newburgh tonight, so come say hello if you’re able to. Have a great day guys!!!!

Saturday. February 2nd 7-10 pm: Showplace Entertainment Center & Burgh House, Newburgh, IN
     -Family friendly 

Wednesday, February 6th  8-? pm: Stoner’s Grill (formerly known as Southside Bar), Boonville, IN
     -Open mic night
     -All comedians, poets and musicians of all skill level are welcome!
     -Always the first Wednesday of the month

Friday, February 15th 7-10 pm: Showplace Entertainment Center & Burgh House, Newburgh, IN
     -Family friendly! 

Saturday, February 16th 9 pm-12 am: Koodie Hoo’s, Mt. Vernon, IN
     -Danny Metzger will be joining me on the one!
     -This is the first time I’m playing there, so please help me spread the word!! 

Sunday, February 17th 10:30-11 am: YMCA Pancake Days, Evansville, IN
     -There is music all day and breakfast! 

Monday, February 18th 5:30-6:30 pm: Oasis Dementia Care, Evansville, IN

Friday, February 22nd 7-10 pm: Carson’s Brewery, Evansville, IN

I hope you guys have a great Valentine’s Day!!

Angel Rhodes

I couldn’t decide which version I liked more, so I smashed them together! Here’s my cover of “Love Song” by The Cure/Adele/311 and Danny Metzger on Cajon!