July 2019 gigs

Hello friends! 

Man, I’m feeling my 4th of July celebration…I hope you guys had as much fun as I did! I’ve been working like a crazy woman lately, so it was really nice to blow of some steam 🙂 

I was super excited to start off my 4th of July with Ange Humphrey on WEHT Local Lifestyles for the 2nd year in a row!!!! This year, I decided to do my quirky song about drinking and camping. It seemed fitting, lol!  It’s one of the fan favorites and moonshine may…or may not have been involved in writing this one. Check out my original song, “Camping Girl”!

I’ve got another band gig for you this weekend!!! We’ll be rocking out at Roca Bar North this Saturday from 8-11. It is possible that it may rain, if so, please check my Facebook page or www.AngelRhodesMusic.com for the rain date if it does. I’m hoping it doesn’t rain though…Clint, Danny, Georgia and I have been practicing every week for a couple of months now to put on a killer show. Pray for no rain!!!!!

Also, while we are on the  topic of the band. I think I’ve finally figured out a name for us! I’ve talked to the guys and they approve, so I think we can officially say the the new band’s name is Angel Rhodes and The Traveling Gents!!! I’m going to wait until we get a few more shows under our belts and then I’ll generate a new band page just for us. Currently, Danny Metzger II is on drums, Georgia Funkadelic is in bass and I’ve been rotating guitar players between Clint Lock, Lucas Pate and sometimes (if I’m lucky, lol) Ryan Lantz!  We like the “Traveling Gents” since they are all gentlemen (for the most part, lol), the members are rotating and we travel like crazy! I hope you guys like it, it’s growing on me the more I think on it! 

On to what has been on my mind for over 6 months…the EP is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be officially releasing it on July 19th on all of your major streaming platforms. I’m also looking to make some music videos for the songs, so if you have anyone that would be interested in making a music video, have them contact me at angelrhodes47714@gmail.com. I have a photo shoot scheduled for this Sunday and I’ve already been scheduling to go on podcasts and different shows to promote the release. I was just a guest on What Do Ya’ Say Now? which is a podcast hosted by Josh Merritt. I had so much fun on this one…we talked about all the random things, plus the EP. Be sure to check it out on Facebook @whatdoyasaynow! 

I literally don’t have a single day off in July, so there’s plenty of options to come and see your girl. I hope everyone is staying cool and be sure to download the songs when they come out in a few weeks!!!! 

Wednesday, July 3rd 11:30-1 pm: Market on Main EVV, Evansville, IN
     -Family friendly
     -tons of vendors and food trucks

Wednesday, July 3rd 5-7 pm: Primrose Retirement Community, Newburgh, IN
     -Angel Rhodes and The Traveling Gents!
     -4th of July party for residents 

Friday, July 5th 7-10 pm: The Pour Haus, Tell City, IN
     -Family friendly
     -Danny Metzger is joining me on this one
Saturday, July 6th 8-11 pm: Roca Bar North, Evansville, IN
     -Angel Rhodes and The Traveling Gents! 
     -Family friendly
     -This is the first time my band has played here, please come out and help me pack the place!
     -Weather permitting

Wednesday, July 10th  8-? pm: Stoner’s Grill,  Boonville, IN
     -Open mic night
     -All comedians, poets, DJs, magicians and musicians of all skill level are welcome!

Thursday, July 11th 7-9 pm: Sauced, Evansville, IN
     -Family friendly
     -weather permitting 

Friday, July 12th 7-10 pm: Showplace Entertainment Center & Burgh House, Newburgh, IN
     -Family friendly!

Saturday, July 13th 8-11 pm: The New Frontier Restaurant and Bar, Daylight, IN
     -Family friendly 
     -Danny will be with me on this one! 

Monday, July 15th 5:30-6:30 pm: Oasis Dementia Care, Evansville, IN

Wednesday, July 17th 7-9 pm: Sauced, Evansville, IN
     -Family friendly!
     -Weather permitting

Friday, July 19th 8-12 am EST: Snaps, Jasper, IN
     -Family friendly!

Saturday, July 20th 6:30-9:30 pm EST: Schnitz Brewery & Pub, Jasper, IN
     -Family friendly!

Wednesday, July 24th 1-2 pm: Primrose Retirement Community, Newburgh, IN

Friday, July 26th 7-10 pm: Carson’s Brewery, Evansville, IN

Saturday, July 27th 7:30-10:30 pm: The Rooftop, Evansville, IN
     -Family friendly
     -Weather permitting

Sunday, July 28th 1-3 pm: Tomelly’s Car Show, Newburgh, IN

Thanks for being awesome and following my journey! 

Angel Rhodes