When I first picked up a guitar in high school, I had grandeur dreams that I was going to be a masterful lead guitarist in no time at all! Well, many of you know how this story goes. Life happened, family happened, jobs happened and the guitar took a back seat.  I decided that I was going to dedicate myself to guitar in 2014. In a little over 2 years, I have successfully taught myself well over 150 songs that I currently perform out professionally every week!

If your story sounds a little like mine, or if you are new to guitar, my lessons are for you! I will be able to provide you with one on one lessons that are meant to explain beginning guitar in a way that works for you. The goal of my lessons is to get you playing the songs you love as soon as you possibly can. Lessons are provided in my home studio on the east side of Evansville. I’m currently taking students for beginner acoustic guitar starting in 2017. I can only take a few students at a time so spots are limited. To request more info, please complete the form below: