My Story

I’ve always wanted to be a singer when I grew up…I mean ALWAYS! Ever since I was a little girl, I would prance around with whatever item that remotely resembled a microphone and sing my little heart out! (Sorry Mom!) Unfortunately, life got in the way, and that dream just seemed too unattainable. Therefore, I went to college, got my Bachelor’s in Marketing and started a job straight out of college that most people would kill for. After many successful years in the corporate world, I knew something was still missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

After the loss of my older brother, I knew then that life was too short and it was time to follow my dreams. He told me to reach for the stars, and I’m doing just that! I realized that the only thing that consistently made me happy was music, and that is what was missing. After trying out for a few singing competitions, I quickly realized that I needed to work on my stage presence. It was definitely time to pay my dues 😉

Now enters Deja Blu 5!!  In 2012, a friend told me that a local blues/rock band was looking for a female singer. I tried out for the band and we ended up jamming for a few hours afterwards. I’m so blessed to have found them, and I would not be the musician I am today without their influence. They quickly become friends, mentors, and big brothers…and we rock!  Now we play at establishments such as Lamasco Bar and Grill, Ri Ra Irish Pub, Roca Bar North, KC’s Corner Pocket, and Bokeh Lounge. We have also played at many of the big festivals in the tri-state, such as Evansville Jazz and Wine Festival, The Really Big Show, and Animalpalooza.  We released our first original album in April of 2015, so be sure to check it out!

In August of 2014, I started to experiment with acoustic duos and I realized that I could actually make a living at this! I slowly started making the transition, spending countless hours learning guitar, condensing expenses, acquiring equipment and then made the official leap in June of 2015. I’ve been going full force ever since and I refuse to stop! Now I get to gig 2-5 times a week and it’s AWESOME!!!!  My radius reaches most of southern Indiana, southern Illinois, northern Kentucky and it’s growing every day. In 2016, it’s been so much fun to play solo at festivals such as St. Meinrad Rocks Festival, River City Recreation Tattoo Expo, It Takes a Village fundraiser, Water Street Wine Festival and more.

I’ve been blessed to be a musical guest on WEHT’s Local Lifestyles several times, had a full page write up in September 2016 News 4U, and a 3 page spread in LOVE It! EVV’s Spring 2016 issue. 103 GBF has also interviewed me as “The Coolest Guy, Uh, Girl Ever” Episode #11, and they also covered our album on their Love it Local! Column online.

Overall, being a full time musician is what I’m meant to do. I hope that you can be a part of my journey, so please subscribe below to keep up with my events, and please visit me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Snapchat or by email at [email protected].