I love my job!!!

This last weekend was so freaking awesome! JR’s Bar in Jasper, and The Korner Inn in Elberfeld never disappoint! The next week, I’ll be finalizing my February schedule and sending out my monthly email. If you would like to be a part of this and future emails, please sign up below! I only send it out once a month, so don’t worry, I won’t be spamming you! (Ain’t nobody got time for that!)

This week, I’ll finally be back in my hometown on Friday. Be sure to come out to Carson’s Brewery from 7-10 for a great time listening to music and drinking the best beer in town! On Saturday, I’ll be at O’Bryan’s Bar & Grill in Owensboro for the first time. Please help me spread the word and I hope to see you out this week!

Angel Rhodes