March 2020 Gigs!

Hello everyone! 

I apologize that I’m a little behind getting this out. I’ve been battling the cold from hell the last week and it has been kicking my butt! Not to worry though, I’m feeling much better today and should be right as rain by this weekend! I know a ton of other people are sick right now too so I wish all of you a speedy recovery and be sure to get tons of rest!! 

I’ve been booking a ton of gigs lately and quite a few for the band. We’ve decided to change our name since we aren’t all gentlemen anymore. So the new name is Angel Rhodes and The Wilder Ones!!! We thought it was clever since it plays off my new last name and we do like to party it up and have a good time. We’ve also added a new member, Aaron Jackson as the drummer and we are super excited to see how it develops! I’ve already been inspired to write a new song and we’ll be debuting it at our Louisville gig on April 24th at 21st Amendment Tavern in Louisville. Again, it’s super important that we sell as many tickets as we can and pack this place. You can purchase advance tickets on Eventbrite (it’s easiest to just go to the event on Facebook or you can buy your ticket at the door. It’s just $5 and a fun night in Louisville…come support your girl! 

I’m keeping this update short an sweet this month, so I hope this finds you well and I can’t wait to see you guys at a show! 

Saturday, March 7th 7-10 pm: Showplace Entertainment Center & Burgh House, Newburgh, IN
     -Family friendly! 

Thursday, March 12th 2:30-3:30 pm: Transcendent Healthcare South, Boonville, IN
     -Invite Only

Thursday, March 12th 9-12 am: O’Brian’s Evansville, IN

Saturday, March 14th 7:30-10:30 pm: Enigma Bar and Grill, Newburgh, IN

Monday, March 16th 1-2 pm: Riverwalk Communities, Evansville, IN
     -Invite only

Monday, March 16th 5:30-6:30 pm: Oasis Dementia Care, Evansville, IN
     -Invite only

Friday, March 20th 8-12 am EST: Snaps, Jasper, IN
     -Family Friendly! 

Saturday, March 21st 7-10 pm: Showplace Entertainment Center & Burgh House, Newburgh, IN
     -Family Friendly! 

Friday, March 27th 7-10 pm: Carson’s Brewery, Evansville, IN

Saturday, March 28th 7-10 pm: Lakeview Inn, Chandler, IN

Sunday, March 29th 3:30-4:30 pm: Greater St. James Missionary Baptist Church, Evansville, IN
     -Fundraiser for church rec center
     -Vera Williams birthday too! 

Tuesday, March 31st 2-3 pm: Transcendent Healthcare North, Boonville, IN
     -Invite Only! 

I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. Until next time!!! 

Angel Rhodes
[email protected]