September 2019 Gigs!

Hello friends! 

Ok, ok…I know I’m 11 days into the month and just now sending this, but your girl is busy! I’ve been busting my hump for months, but now I get to start enjoying the fruits of my labor! I’ll be taking off next week for my bachelorette in Vegas, so pray for me, lol!  

This last month was a whirlwind to say the least! I was all over the tri-state and blessed to play at packed venues for a majority of them. Speaking of being packed…we friggin’ KILLED IT at Bokeh Lounge!!! I’m so proud of Lucas Pate, Georgia Funkadelic, Danny Metzger and Cher’Rita Horne for helping me to put on a bad a#$ show. We kept them dancing all night and we will definitely be back there soon! 

Music is still going well! My EP is live on every streaming platform you can think of. It’s awesome to hear it pop up on playlists and to hear my friends rocking it in their cars 🙂   It’s crazy that people go through so much of the stuff that I have been through, or different versions of it. I’ve been writing a ton again and it’s amazing the amount of inspiration you can get from the highs and lows of wedding planning. One day, I’m writing something sappy and the next I’m writing a gritty song calling out wrongs I see in the world. I’m so thankful that I’ve found something that can relieve the stresses of day to day living, I’m also thankful that I have someone that supports my outlet. He totally bought me a gorgeous journal the other day…just saying! #blessed

Anyway, I’m trying to keep this short. We are all busy and I appreciate each of you that take time to read this every month. No matter if it’s a lil late, or a lil short, I’ll still keep writing for y’all! See you at a gig! 

Friday, September 6th 7-10  pm: Showplace Entertainment Center & Burgh House, Newburgh, IN
    -Family Friendly

Saturday, September 7th 7-10 pm EST: Wings Etc, Jasper, IN
     -Family Friendly

Wednesday, September 11th 2:30-3:30 pm: Transcendent Healhcare South, Boonville, IN

Thursday, September 12th 7-9 pm: Sauced, Evansville, IN
     -Family friendly
     -weather permitting 

Friday, September 13th 7-10 pm: Lakeview Inn, Chandler, IN

Saturday, September 14th 6:30-9:30 pm EST: Schnitz Pub, Jasper, IN
     -Family friendly 

Wednesday, September 25th 1-2 pm: Riverwalk Communities, Evansville, IN

Wednesday, September 25th 7-9 pm: Sauced, Evansville, IN
     -Family friendly 
     -Weather permitting 

Friday, September 27th 7-10 pm: Carson’s Brewery, Evansville, IN
     -Family friendly 

Saturday, September 28th 1:45-2:30 pm: St. Meinrad Rocks Fest, St. Meinrad, IN
     -Family friendly
     -Free and fun event with music all day! 

Saturday, September 28th 6:30-9:30 pm EST: Schnitz Pub, Jasper, IN
     -Family friendly 

Sunday, September 29th 12-1:30 pm: Sunday Market, Evansville, IN
     -At Meny’s Hair & Company 
     -Food, vendors, music and art! 

I hope you guys take a second to remember those that lost their lives on this day. Life is too short, live it to the fullest! 

Angel Rhodes
[email protected]